Dr Hagen Heinz Stehr AO is a German-born multi-millionaire businessman, tuna fisherman and founder of the Stehr Group. Born: 1941 , Salzgitter, Germany . Hagen lives in Port Lincoln, South Australia where he made ages his business interests in fishing and aquaculture, most notably Southern bluefin tuna fishing and offshore ranching in Spencer Gulf for export markets. The Stehr Group also propagates and grows Australian Yellowtail Kingfish and Australian Mulloway through its aquaculture division, Clean Seas Aquaculture Growout Pty. Ltd. One of the wealthiest men in South Australia, Hagan is also the founder and chairman of the Australian Maritime and Fishing Academy. The Stehr Group has a commercial fleet of nine vessels. Hagen Stehr was awarded Officer of the Order of Australia on Australia Day, 1997. He received the award for service to the commercial fishing industry and to education and training, particularly through the South Australian Fishing and Seafood Industry Skills Centre Inc. He also received the Centenary Medal for services to the community in 2000. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2010, and was included in the "three wise men" ceremony together with diplomat Richard Woolcott and Deputy Chancellor of the University, Tim Fairfax. Page 5 of 13 He was named Seafood Icon, South Australia in 2009 and initiated into the National Seafood Hall of Fame in 2013. The Stehr Group is a family owned company spanning three generations; founder and Chairman Hagen Stehr, his son Marcus Stehr (Managing Director) and his grandsons Saxon and Sanchez.
Hagen gave a an enlightening and passionate talk on his personal background, history & involvement with the Tuna Industry . He was an adventurer from a young age and had itchy feet , leaving home in Germany as a young man at the age of 12 to join the merchant marines, then jumped from job to job working on cargo ships, joined the French Foreign Legion for adventure & travel & eventually arrived in Port Lincoln at the age of 18 with little money and no employment prospects . There he met his wife Anna and became a tuna fisherman in 1961.He spoke of the development of the Tuna Industry , and his Company , showing a presentation with some fantastic pictures taken from the world he loves and is passionate about – The ocean , the tuna industry he helped develop & the fisherman & characters involved in this great industry. A lot of ground was covered , such as the life cycle of the tuna , where they spawn, the development of tuna farming , the high costs involved ,government policies, environment & sustainability , international markets & statistics etc . As a businessman Hagen admitted that he loves to make a deal and his unofficial business motto was Keep Fishing and make money ! On a personal level he enjoyed the ocean and what it had to offer . He cared about the environment, sustainability and loved Port Lincoln and the community there. He was an advocate for local Indigenous Joint Ventures within the Tuna Industry- Link Here and has supported & donated to many local organisations & causes. He said if you get the chance visit Tsukiji -- the world's biggest fish market in Tokyo . He confided that he was speaking to President Steph just prior to his talk , and he learnt that we just concluded our CROE ( Campbelltown Rotary Outback Experience ) trip that raised money for the RFDS. Hagen thought about it briefly and there and then, promised generously $5000 to the RFDS , doubling the funds raised . He was thanked for this most generous donation and he said the RFDS was close to his heart. A few years ago, his wife & he were travelling in a 4WD north of Ceduna and rolled their vehicle. His wife Anna sustained serious injuries .
Within a few hours, the RFDS flew her out to Adelaide where she received emergency treatment & recovered . So thanks to the RFDS & thank you to Rotary for reminding him tonight of the great work the RFDS do . Many interesting questions were then answered at the conclusion of Hagen’s talk and he was thanked with a round of applause.