At our meeting on the 12th July District Governor Jeff Neale introduced his father Reg Neale who was the 1966 foundation member of the Club.
Note : Reg was unable to attend Jeff’s District Governor Induction at last Sunday’s District Conference due to Covid restrictions but it was a great pleasure & honour for both Jeff, members and guests, to have Reg at the first Campbelltown 2021-2022 meeting with Jeff as the new District Governor for the Rotary Year 2021-2022.
Reg Neale - My year as President – 1969/70 - Interviewed by son Jeff Neale 
Jeff : So Dad, can you share with the club what year you were president of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown?
Reg: I was president in 1969/1970. My Induction as President of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown was held at the Reservoir Hotel on the 30th June 1969. My secretary was Don Carpenter. Club Guests were Max Otto and Dawn from St Peters club, PP Fred Stewart and Yvonne from St Peters and PDG Bill Kay and Myrtle Our Club in those days was in District 250
Jeff:  What were some highlights of the year?
Reg: District Governor Allen Hosking had his official visit early in the year on the 7th of July. While DG Allen joined our Club Assembly, Shirley Entertained His wife Jean and the Rotarians wives at our home. DG Allen and the Rotarians joined them latter for supper. During the year Celebrated our 4th Birthday with a Ladies Night R.I. President James F Conway and his wife Evelyn Visited Adelaide. Campbelltown Rotarians and Families joined DG Allen along with other Rotarians from D250 greeted the R.I. president at the airport. The Adelaide Club arranged an intercity meeting at the then Hotel Australia in Honor of RI President Jim and his wife Evelyn. Shirley and I along with several other couples from our club attended.
The next day a BBQ was arranged at Rowland Flat by the Rotary Club of Barossa valley to allow Presidents and their wives to meet informally with R.I. President Jim and Evelyn. The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) was introduced to D250 for the first time. The RYLA Seminar was run by Adelaide Rotary Club. We sponsored a student to attend. This was also the first year that our club participated in Youth Exchange. We sent a young man Paul Hubbard to Brazil. Our incoming student was Jane Springthorpe from South Africa. Jane was hosted by our Club members Campbelltown joined with St Peters Rotary club to act as hosts for the 21st D250 Conference
Jeff: What about other projects and Fund raising?
Reg: One of our major fund raisers was the Auction and Jumble sale - HELD ON THE 18TH October 1969. There a variety of stalls – Hardware, Fruit and veg, clothing, Books cake stall etc. We then had an auction towards the end of the morning for items we thought we could get a bit more money for. We also had a Dunking Machine – often Rotarians Dunked in full clothes. In that year we had income of $1638.00 with a net profit of $1332.00
Jeff: Can I interrupt you there? Can you tell me about the car that was donated for Auction?
Reg: Someone donated an old car to be Auctioned As I was driving it to the Sale I was pulled over by the police as the car was un-roadworthy. Told him what I was doing and fortunately he let me off.
Jeff: So what else did the club do?
Reg: We organized a Mardi gras - basically gave an opportunity to Clubs and organisation in the area to set up a stall and raise money. Collectively we were able to raise $7500.00 We also did a donation of 50 Cups and saucers to the local Mothers and Babies Health Association at a cost of $33.55. We donated $30.00 to the Lincoln Borthwick Kindergarten for a new Heater.
Jeff: So there was a lot happening What about Membership? Reg At the end of my year, we had 36 members – 19 of which were charter Members. That means that over our first 4 years we inducted 17 new members so almost double. Pictured Right with Reg Neale are President Steph and his proud son and DG Jeff Neale.