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Members Currently Serving in Regional or District Positions


Past President Jeff Neale

District Governor 2021-2022

Past President Damian Leach

Zone 8 Assistant Rotary Coordinator (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands)
District Board - District Governor's Nominee
Youth Service Chair
 Alumni Chair
Youth Protection Committee
 Learning and Development Committee
Membership and Public Image Committee
Rotary Foundation Committee

David Fenton

District Secretary
Calperum and The Environment Committee

Aaron Stobie

Partnerships - Local Government, District Chair

President Stephany Martin

Area Governor-Elect
District Youth Protection Committee
District Learning and Development Committee
District Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment Committee

Jane Gascoigne 

Australian Rotary Health - Indigenous Health Scholarship Chair

Susan Harris

District Conference Chair

Kevin O'Neil

District Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment Committee Chair

Alyssa Morran 

District Membership and Public Image Committee

Margaret Beare

District Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Committee

Margaret Northcote

District National Youth Science Forum Committee

Maria Figg

District Rotary Youth WELLbeing Committee