Community Support
The motto of Rotarians is "Service above Self". It reminds Rotarians to think of how they can help others instead of selfish thoughts. The motto originated when Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, asked Rotarian Frank Collins to address the participants of the second annual Rotary Convention.
Over the many years that our club has been operating we have been involved in countless activities to improve life in our local community.
Community Connections
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Rotary Donations to those affected by the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island fires in 2019-2020
Following the fires in the Adelaide Hills in December 2019, then District Governor Tim Klar assembled a Bushfire Recovery Committee to start planning ways in which Rotary could assist those adversely impacted.  A fundraising appeal through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) was established with the original intent to support those affected by the Adelaide Hills fires, however as a result of the devastating fires on Kangaroo Island this RAWCS appeal was extended in scope to cover all of South Australia.  The major focus was on medium to long term recovery projects such as providing fencing materials and volunteers to install fencing – a service that Rotarians have provided with great success in past fire recovery projects. There were many organisations, as well as all levels of government, who are more appropriately placed as first responders in times of natural disasters so the bulk of our efforts will be in the recovery phases and we expect that this will extend well into 2021.  
The Rotary Club of Campbelltown donated $15,000 to this project and has provided additional funding to local CFS in other projects.
On the 23rd June 2021 President Vince launched Community Connections, there were members of the community, Campbelltown Council volunteers, Cr. Anna Leombruno, and members of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown.  Students doing Community Service helped with setting up and conversing with attendees.
There was great fellowship, and each attendee expressed the need of the project, and were willing to spread the word about Community Connections. We were entertained by David Richards, and many joined in with a sing along.
At the beginning of President Vince’s year, he announced his vision was for the Rotary Club of Campbelltown to be able to work with the community and establish their needs.
The Project is - Community Connections – Run by The Rotary Club of Campbelltown, supported by Campbelltown Council.
What we would like to achieve
Connect with local communities through providing a drop-in centre for isolated residents.
Why - An Opportunity to connect with residents and identify any support opportunities to improve health and well being
Address the issue of loneliness in the local community
Engage other service providers in one location to provide easy access to identified support services
How -
 In conjunction with the Campbelltown Council a suitable location has been found.
The Margary Dunn Centre (formerly Meals on Wheels site) at 137 Montacute Road Campbelltown. Bus Stop 22.
The Community Bus runs on Wednesdays, Transport is available
Services the Rotary Club of Campbelltown will provide
Initially the club will be looking at providing a hot drink and snack to attendees and to engage with attendees to identify needed services.
 Work with Council to identify other service providers
To be determined by attendees. - We will be asking attendees – How can we help you  
Community Connections will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 10.30am to 1pm.