The Shed


The Rotary Club of Campbelltown (SA), began selling second hand goods in 1966, the year the club was chartered, when the first Auction and Jumble sale was held. This soon became an annual event and provided a major source of income for the club.

In 1977, a modest sized galvanized iron Shed was built on land owned and provided by the local City Council. This enabled second-hand goods to be stored and sorted prior to sale. In 1990 a second smaller shed was built on the site. In addition to the annual Auction and Jumble Sale, goods were sold through an Opportunity shop. By 1998 it became apparent that the major beneficiary of the Shop, in a bad location, was the landlord. The club decided to close the shop and conduct monthly Second Hand Goods Sales from the Shed location. Income of about $1,000/month was achieved. But working in the Sheds was difficult, hot and dusty.

The New Shed:
A decision was taken to build a new, much larger shed to provide more capacity and better working conditions as well as improved storage and display. The cost of building a 18m x 12m x 8m high steel Shed, with room to add a mezzanine floor later, was about $60,000, and the City of Campbelltown offered a loan of $58,000 over 10 years with repayments of $8,050 pa. The club aimed to make $2,000/month in sales to both pay off the loan and maintain previous net annual income from second-hand goods of $1,000/month.  Sufficient funds became available to completely pay off the Council loan by June 2005, nearly 8 years ahead of schedule

What happened? Once the club made the commitment, the following occurred:

  • The old sheds were demolished and the new shed was put up and made ready for use with the loss of only 3 months of sales activity from November 2002 to February 2003;
  • Sales from the new Shed are held regularly on the last Saturday of every month;
  • Sponsorships, with advertising of businesses in our club Newsletter, provided over $4,000pa towards repayment of the loan;
  • Additional funds have been spent on Shed development, taking the total cost to over $70,000; Net income from the Shed project (sales of second-hand goods) in 2003/04 was $32,675;
  • Net income in 2021/22 was nearly $5,000/month and The Shed is the major source of income for our Club's charitable projects. 

What the SHED means to us now:

  • It is our major source of funds; There is a Shed sale on the last Saturday of every month, but the December sale is usually held on the Saturday before Christmas - (we all need a break!)
  • In addition to raising funds, many goods are donated to worthy charitable causes, particularly including needy immigrants and victims of domestic violence.
  • We also have a BBQ stall which supplies Rota Muffins (muffins, bacon & eggs), lunch (sausages), barista coffee and drinks to the volunteers AND the public. This monthly effort is a major source of funds, AND we also enjoy the good fellowship.
  • Every TUESDAY there is a working bee: women sort out household goods, men the heavier stuff Regular pickups are done in the community. We thank Paradise Mazda for their support in providing a van to allow us to complete pickups and also for the reception service which enables members of the public to leave a message regarding goods for collection.
  • There is much fellowship in these working groups during the week, and of course on the sale day
  • Thanks are due to the many partners of members, former members and volunteers who provide many hours of voluntary assistance in preparing goods for sale, and to the many members who collect goods offered for sale and help in other ‘heavy’ duties involved.

This has been an outstanding example of a Club commitment to undertake a major capital development, with some risk, in order to achieve a positive outcome for fundraising and the many service projects which can then be undertaken in the Community, with Youth in our Community and Internationally. The result of the commitment made by the Club has been an outstanding success which will reap rewards for all of our Club's charitable activities for many years to come.